Taste the Difference

Protein for everyone! Meet OZO™, the new line of flavor-full plant-protein choices for people who want to eat good food without sacrificing taste or good health — for you and for the planet.

Sounds like a tall order, but OZO’s plant-based products are all-around awe-inspiring (and OZO good!). OZO  is dedicated to delivering foods that are abundantly flavorful and positively delicious. Foods that broaden choices and bring new possibilities. Brimming with benefits for people & the planet, OZO helps everyone eat well, feel better, and live their best.

All four OZO products — Burgers, Ground, Mexican-Seasoned Ground and Italian-Style Meatballs — are non-GMO, do not contain soy and have no artificial colors or flavors. Visit the OZO website for inspiration.

Visit our OZO™ site for all the details!